SoapSox is Here!

Soapsox is an adorable bath aid that is used to bathe children or adults.  It is a product that eases the challenges of bath time with kids by facilitating bonding time and play skill development with your child while you bathe them.  It is portable and durable product that is built to last and is clothes washer safe.

We are pleased to be adding to our line of wonderful products with Soap Sox!

A bit about SoapSox…

While working with children in a residential treatment facility Ray was told about a child who was scared and hadn’t bathed for a week. While talking to the child, Ray noticed a stuffed animal in his hand and asked him about it. The child indicated that he was afraid, and that he didn’t want to shower because his stuffy would get wet. So, Ray spoke to the child for a while and after getting another stuffed animal, Ray made a few modifications including putting a bar of soap inside.  After getting the new stuffed animal to lather, the child got excited and willingly bathed… Thus, the ingenious idea was born!

As parents, we are aware of the potential challenges of bath time. We also recognize that it’s not just one child or family, but a variety of families all across the country who may be experiencing a similar situation. This is why our company has set out a mission to create a product that not only  solves a problem, but promotes bonding with you child and the further development of play skills. After creating a few dozen sketches and after a multitude of prototypes, we have developed the perfect solution.

For more details or to place an order, please contact us.