soko distribution

Pickney Gear forms unique partnership

I’m pleased to announce that Pickney Gear has agreed to represent products distribute by Soko Distribution.  This is a great opportunity for Pickney Gear to carry more lines that are aligned with Pickney Gear’s values and for Soko Distribution to get better representation of their products.

For more information, please contact me directly.


So Young Gets Major Recognition

Congratulations to So Young in getting some major media recognition in spring 2014! Here are just some of the media outlets that have recognized So Young:

Martha Stewart Living – Editor’s Picks – Cooler Bags
Canadian Living – The Charlie Diaper Bag
Cribsie New Arrival Award Winner – The Sydney Messenger
Daily Candy – 26 Gifts to Make Her Pregnancy Peachier
Womens World – April 2014 with Dr. Oz

Pickney Gear Website Gets a Facelift Finally

I started the journey to get my website redesigned back in late 2013 as it was starting to show its age.  I wanted a website that reflected me personally which was simple, friendly and approachable.  I’m happy to say that the website has finally arrived and it has been a long but worthwhile journey.

Here are the 3 key features that I wanted my website to have:

  1. Easy to navigate – With so many brands represented, it was important that the products that I represent are clearly shown and labelled
  2. Responsive – Now that many of us have smart phones, it was important that the website look good on any size of device
  3. Easy to manage – I wanted a website where I could easily update the information
  4. Streamline order process – It was important that the website remove a number of steps that I used to take to help retailers place orders

Have a look around and I would love to hear your comments.