It is often said that “necessity is the mother of invention”, and in my case this old adage was certainly true!  I will never forget the day  I went for my first ultrasound and my doctor told me that I had to be placed on full bed-rest at eight weeks pregnant!  I just about fainted.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am always on the go and busy doing more than one project at a time.  But off I went to spend the remainder of my pregnancy in BED!  After two weeks of sulking, I decided  I would start researching  and learning about the baby I would soon have and all the handy gadgets and gear I would need to purchase.  It quickly became a passion – I wanted to learn about safety items, car seats, strollers, organic cleaning products and how to grow and make my own organic baby food.

Three years later, I became an independent Sales Representative and Marketing Consultant and Pickney Gear was born. Pickney means baby or child in the patois dialect throughout the Caribbean. Not only is the name unique and memorable, but more importantly I also wanted to pay homage to my Jamaican culture and identity.

My entire adult career path has always involved sales and marketing, and I have always been an entrepreneur…… doing something “on the side” while working full-time in the corporate world.  My work experience has taken me on journeys through the hotel and hospitality industry, to running a small catering company, doing advertising sales for a magazine publishing company and  having managerial experience in one of the leading independent baby retail stores.   Every single job I held has prepared me for the customer service and support I provide to retail clients across Ontario.

Pickney Gear offers superb customer service and puts great emphasis on product knowledge and training.  No matter what the product is, whether it is a car seat or hair clip, there is knowledge to be passed on to retailers and their staff.  Today’s customers are tech savvy and well informed and it is my job to ensure that the products I place in a retail store are accompanied by product training and support.  Being both a buyer and manager, I understand both sides: the retail and the product marketing side.

I have also had the opportunity to help new product lines with design and set up, and Pickney Gear has now expanded to offer consultation to start-up product owners.  It is exciting to witness the beginnings of something great and with all the hard work involved, it is rewarding to see a product grow, make it onto a store shelf and sometimes get featured in a magazine!

Pickney Gear is committed to the product lines represented.  I am an extension of each brand and I must believe in the product in order to sell it.  After 10 years, I am blessed that I have had the opportunity to represent really innovative products and work with some fantastic companies. 

Pickney Gear represents some of the best products for pregnancy, birth, baby, toddler and beyond!

All the best,