So Young Gets Major Recognition

Congratulations to So Young in getting some major media recognition in spring 2014! Here are just some of the media outlets that have recognized So Young:

Martha Stewart Living – Editor’s Picks – Cooler Bags
Canadian Living – The Charlie Diaper Bag
Cribsie New Arrival Award Winner – The Sydney Messenger
Daily Candy – 26 Gifts to Make Her Pregnancy Peachier
Womens World – April 2014 with Dr. Oz

Pickney Gear Website Gets a Facelift Finally

I started the journey to get my website redesigned back in late 2013 as it was starting to show its age.  I wanted a website that reflected me personally which was simple, friendly and approachable.  I’m happy to say that the website has finally arrived and it has been a long but worthwhile journey.

Here are the 3 key features that I wanted my website to have:

  1. Easy to navigate – With so many brands represented, it was important that the products that I represent are clearly shown and labelled
  2. Responsive – Now that many of us have smart phones, it was important that the website look good on any size of device
  3. Easy to manage – I wanted a website where I could easily update the information
  4. Streamline order process – It was important that the website remove a number of steps that I used to take to help retailers place orders

Have a look around and I would love to hear your comments.